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Health and Wellbeing

Take time out to exercise and relax

Alongside our water activities we have come up with our land based activities to ensure we can exercise and relax all year round.

We run our PaddleFit classes all year round at our Tonbridge & Bodiam sites and our land based sessions outside at our Bodiam site.

To book our land based sessions please call 07786997013 or email Julie@epiclife.co.uk 

Our PaddleFit sessions can be booked online or via the above.


Smart High Intensity & Functional Training

A high intensity programme using our 6 degrees of movement (up & down,side to side, forward & back, forward bend, twist & side bend) with short periods of anaerobic exercise followed by less intense periods of work or recovery. A fun 30 minute blast programme using your own body weight which will have you feeling energised.

Tuesdays – 10.30am
Thursdays – 10.45am


These sessions are ideal if you are a beginner runner, or if you’ve not run for a while and want to get started again. There is no pressure to compete or run a specific pace, distance, or time, it really is about lacing up your trainers and taking part with other people in a fun and friendly group and enjoying being outside.


Tuesdays – 9.30am


This is an all weather class for Mums or Dads with their babies. A great way to be able to exercise while spending time with your baby and having lots of fun.

All you need is your baby in a buggy, sports clothing, a towel and a water bottle.


Thursdays – 9.30am