Equipment Hire

For the perfect day out, you can hire equipment from our sites in Bodiam Tonbridge & Hastings

Bodiam: paddleboards / sit on kayaks / canoes / megaSUP

Tonbridge: paddleboards

Hastings: paddleboards / sit on kayaks

You can hire equipment from us for 1hr, 2hrs, 3hrs or 5hrs. Please arrive on site 15mins early, so that we can get you out on the water in good time.

Who can come with you? Epic Life hire to one adult (aged 18+) and then we leave the ages and numbers of the rest of the group to you.

Once kitted up, you’ll be given a safety briefing and then you’ll be on your way. Have a fun messing about on the river or stop for a picnic, whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to have a great time!

Please also note, we get very busy and other people can be waiting to get out on the river/sea after you, so if you run over your hire time, we may have to charge you.

With our Hastings site we do ask that all participants are able to self rescue onto a 6″ paddleboard or if hiring a sit on top kayak you are able to self rescue yourself back onto the kayak.

2023 Prices:

Paddleboard (SUP): 1hr (£18) / 2hrs (£36) / 3hrs (£45) / 5hrs (£75)

Single Kayak: 1hr (£15/ 2hrs (£30) / 3hrs (£38)/ 5hrs (£58)

Double Kayak: 1hr (£24)/ 2hrs (£46)/ 3hrs (£57)/ 5hrs (£88)

Canoe: 1hr (£28) / 2hrs (£54) / 3hrs (£66) / 5hrs (£90)

MegaSUP: 1hr (£90) / 2hrs (£180) / 3hrs (£225) / 5hrs (£360)

Wetsuits: 1hr(£5) / 2hours (£10) / 3hrs (£15) / 5hrs (£20)