Hiring Terms and Conditions

    • The hirer, hiring the equipment is 18+ years of age and is responsible from the moment of taking control of all the equipment to when it is handed back to an Epic Life member of staff.
    • The hirer is aware that hire does not include advice upon participant competence and all activities undertaken by the hirer are at the hirer’s own risk.
    • Please be advised you can book a guided session instead of a hire session if required at both yours and Epic Life’s convenience.
    • Hire is not supervised, please book a guided session if needed.
    • The hirer is aware that Epic Life are an assumed risk activity business and whilst the risks can be minimised, they can never be totally removed.
    • The hirer has informed Epic Life directly if there are any medical conditions, allergies or specific needs that may affect participation and has completed the details online.
    • The hirer understands that photos may be taken during the hire. These may be used for Epic Life website and social media. They may also be used for future promotion both online and offline. If you do not wish for yourself/your child to be photographed, please indicate on the hire form.
    • All of the hirer’s personal items always remain the hirer’s responsibility. Where a customer chooses to leave items in the possession of Epic Life the items remain the responsibility of the customer and Epic Life staff will not accept responsibility for any damage howsoever caused.
    • The hirer is responsible for handling the equipment safely and would be liable for any incidents that occur during the time of hiring the equipment - the hirer may be charged up to the value of: SUPs £1500, Double Kayaks £800, Single Kayaks £600, Sea Kayaks £999, Mega SUP £2,000, Canoes £900, Surfboards £600 Wetsuits £90, Buoyancy Aids £50, and paddles £70.
    • Any damage to boards or equipment will be charged at replacement value. For liability reasons we are not able to assist or even advise on methods or transporting equipment.
    • The hirers credit/debit card details will be securely stored in our DSC compliant system. Kindly note know that all card information is securely encrypted and cannot be duplicated in any fashion. Our payment processor is certified under the most stringent level or certification available in the payments industry. More information can be found here - https://docs.stripe.com/security
    • The equipment we hire is safe and insured for intended purposes only.
    • An equipment hire form will be completed by the hirer before hiring equipment.
    • The equipment must be returned by the pre-determined end duration time. Any late returns will be subject to our late returns fees.
    • In the event of a capsize or falling off the board at least one member of the group must be able to self-rescue and also perform assisted rescues.
    • All buoyancy aids must be worn at all times.
    • The following equipment must be worn/used at all times per craft requirement:
    • - Paddleboards: buoyancy aid and leash
      - Kayaks: buoyancy aid
      - Canoes: buoyancy aid
      - Surfboards: leash
      - Mega SUP: buoyancy aids and helmets
    • A form of communication i.e phone in a dry bag must be taken (we can offer discounted phone cases to purchase - please ask a member of staff).
    • The hirer on the water has the phone number for the site they are hiring at (Bodiam: 07377 184505, Tonbridge: 07377 526772 and Hastings: 07494 712144).
    • If using a phone case supplied by Epic Life for the hire duration, the hirer understands that they are not to open the case whilst on the water and Epic Life cannot guarantee the case is 100% waterproof. Epic Life are not liable for any loss or damage to your phone when using a phone case supplied by them.
    • All watersports can be fatal. Please book a guided session if needed.


      Site Specific Information:


      Hastings - Paddling Area

      • Stay at least 25 metres away from the both the pier and also the harbour arm.
      • Stay between the pier and the harbour arm.
      • Do not paddle in-between the yellow and red lifeguard flags. Please pass this area at least 50m out to sea if in front of this area.
      • Do not go beyond the line of yellow 8 knot marker buoys.
      • The hirer has made themselves aware of the location of the rocks. If unsure, please book a guided session.



      • The jetty area can get slippery when wet hirer is advised to please be careful.
      • EpicLife recommend footwear suitable for watersports are worn at all times.
      • If paddling down river when the hirer reaches the bridge please be aware the current and  wind speeds can pick up the other side of the bridge.
      • Fisherman may fish on the river, the hirer to be aware to look out for fishing lines and try to avoid.
      • When paddling on river to keep to the right hand side of the river.



      • EpicLife recommend footwear suitable for watersports are worn at all times.
      • EpicLife recommend getting on the river via the slipway, if the hirer chose to get on and off on the concrete area they are aware this area can get slippery and muddy.
      • Fisherman may fish on the river, the hirer to be aware to look out for fishing lines and try to avoid.
      • When paddling on river to keep to the right hand side of the river.