C-Skins Neoprene Repair Kit Black Witch


  • Repair kit from C-Skins
  • Can be used on all makes of wetsuit
  • Includes various patches (3x 1″, 3x 1.5″, 3x 2″diameter circles), 12″ of seam tape and 1oz (28gms) of Black Witch fast repair glue
  • Comprehensive Instructions included
  • An easy to use repair kit for wetsuits, booties, gloves, hoods and many other neoprene products

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Perfect if your wetsuit or neoprene accessory is damaged or develops a leak!


  • Instructions
  • 3 x 1″ neoprene discs
  • 3 x 1.5″ neoprene discs
  • 3 x 2″ neoprene discs
  • 1 x 12″ length of neoprene tape
  • 1 x tube of Black Witch neoprene glue
  • 1 x glue application brush

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