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Adventum 10'8 x 34" Paddleboard 2023

Adventum 10'8 x 34" Paddleboard 2023

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The Adventum 10'8 SUP is a great all-round shape for taller and heavier riders wanting a touch more stability.  At 10'8 x 34" this SUP board is the perfect all-round board for taller, heavier riders, riders who desire huge amount of stability and those wanting a family board which allows a passanger on the front.  The 34" width and  straight rails make this SUP board nice and stable and it offers riders a board that they can paddle without over-reach issues and a board that is easy to carry. 
Whether paddling flat water or waves with friends, family, kids or the dog, you'll have an amazing time on the Adventum SUP board.

Outline Shape: The Outline shape is 10'8 x 34" with a square tail giving this board great glide and stability, allowing for a maneuverable and easy-to-turn board. The rail shape gives a vertical paddle stroke which improves tracking and reduces the number of times the paddle is switched from side to side when paddling.

Dropstitch: The Adventum is made with light tech technology with an added 2 layer sandwich of 1000 den textile substrate in between the layers of PVC for added stiffness and durability.

The Deckpad: The Adventum deckpad is made with premium EVA giving comfort and grip underfoot.

The Bungee Cargo System: The Adventum cargo straps give riders the opportunity to load the board with kit for a great day out paddle boarding.

The Handle Design: The Adventum carry handle's are placed front, back and middle, allowing the board to be easily carried to the waters edge by all the family.  The handles are super comfy and the durable flat web handle also makes the board a fantastic yoga SUP too!

The Fin and Fin Box Design: All Adventum boards come with a stiff and durable universal fin box. The universal aspect of the universal fin box allows you to switch the fin for a shorter river fin if desired or makes it easy to purchase a new fin if you lose it in a more remote location.

The Paddle: The Adventum paddle is a 4 piece paddle with a nylon blade. This paddle offers the opportunity to use the board as a SUP or Kayak as the paddle easily converts from a SUP paddle to a Kayak paddle. Designed to be durable and fit all heights of riders, it will easily fit back in your Adventum bag. 

The Seat: The Adventum paddleboard comes with a kayak seat attachment, a fantastic add on for those who prefer to sit down whilst paddling.

D-Ring Seat Attachment Points - 4 x D-rings integrated into the deckpad makes it super quick and easy to add your Adventum seat.

The Bag: The Adventum backpack has been designed with an oversized rectangular shape allowing for the board to go back into the bag very easily.  With a strong zip for longevity of use, as well as comfortable rucksack straps to carry your board mean you take your SUP anywhere!

The Pump: Inflate your board faster and easier with the Adventum double action pump due to the continuous pumping cycles in both downward and upward action. With a switch, the double action becomes single action for easy inflation.