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Aqua Marina Triple Action Pump Liquid Air V3

Aqua Marina Triple Action Pump Liquid Air V3

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This Aqua Marina Liquid Air V3 Double Action SUP pump has been specially developed for SUPs and is built to last.

It features two 3.5 litre double action cylinders, a pressure gauge to keep control and a nozzle to fit all Aqua Marina Inflatable boards on the market.

The V3 triple-action SUP pump has 3 different operating modes to keep inflation easy at any stage. Double action on 2 cylinders quickly inflates your SUP up to 5 psi. Single action on 2 cylinders lets you inflate your SUP to 10 psi at moderate speed. Single action on 1 cylinder to inflate your sup to a maximum of 21 psi with minimal effort.

Equipped with an aluminium shaft, adapter and replaceable built-in pressure it inflates up to 30psi.


    • Capacity 3.2+3.2L, max. pressure 30psi
    • Switch knob to change comfortably from triple to double or single action
    • Seals and anti-sand filter for long life of pump
    • Shockproof gauge