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Riding Not Hiding Carbon Kids Paddle

Riding Not Hiding Carbon Kids Paddle

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The Riding Not Hiding 25% Carbon Kids Paddle 3pc with a Nylon blade is a fantastic alternative to a heavy alloy paddle.

The blade is made from strong nylon, which allows the Riding not Hiding Kids 3pc Carbon Nylon Paddle is very light but also very stiff with moulded ABS handle.

Kids SUP Paddle 3pc carbon nylon paddle has a precise fit with absolutely no play. This paddle also comes with anti-twist middle join (Push Pin and Clamp) and is adjustable to different paddler heights. This paddle suits children up to 4'10.


  • Carbon shaft gives a lighter paddle
  • Anti-twist
  • Nylon blade for durability
  • 130cm to 160cm Adjustment
  • 575gin weight