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Riding Not Hiding Waterproof Key Case

Riding Not Hiding Waterproof Key Case

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Want to go for a SUP, run, swim or surf but don't know what to do with your key, cash or cards? Now you can take it with you in Riding Not Hiding 100% waterproof key case 

The Riding Not Hiding Key Case is 11.5cm long and 7cm wide, perfectly sized for keys and cash or card.

The case is very comfortable to wear with a black cord and a push button toggle allowing the rider to hang the key case around the neck at a length that is comfortable.

The cord is fastened to the keycase by a heat welded seam at the back of the case allowing the cord to easily move, this makes the case easy to use and comfortable to wear as it means that the case will always sit centrally on the front of the body.

The keys are kept away from water and dirt or sand by a 3 fold and close system that has 3 seals alongside the fold and then all of this is kept neat and tucked away with an easy to use velcro fastening.