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Starboard Gen R 2024 - Pre-Order

Starboard Gen R 2024 - Pre-Order

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Starboard's design brief for the Gen R was to create a race paddleboard that is fast, user friendly, has a lower thickness for technical racing, small bumps, and surf yet still being able to maintain a race pace in flat conditions. The resulting efforts by arguably the most successful design team and paddleboard brand in the world, Starboard, see's a beautifully crafted SUP fit snuggly between the existing flat water focused Sprint and the all water performing, All Star.

Following a through seven rounds of prototypes and numerous testing with multiple riders (many of which are from the 'Dream Team' including countless world champions), the final Gen-R raceboard design delivers impressive acceleration, balanced glide, little splash from the bow, and solid stability when turning. Resulting in a complete and very capable package that rewards with high levels of performance whether in the hands of a early intermeadiate paddler or a seasoned pro.

Our guess is that the Gen-R name takes inspiration from incredibly successful Starboard Generation SUP, Starboards most versatile shape ever. While the Gen-R share no physical similarities to the Generation model, it does offer the same level of versatility and broad range of use albeit far racier.


Faster Acceleration – Low nose rocker and narrow nose outline helps increase the acceleration and overall efficiency on flat water. This acceleration is essential for tech racing, beach starts and explosive sprints after buoy turns.

Balanced Trim – refined rocker, outline, and even volume placement creates a balanced glide.

Solid Turning and Stability From The Tail  the wider tail outline combined with the flat deck makes it very comfortable to move and be stable during the turn.

Starboard's new Gen-R is a key model for surf racing and all-around paddling. The slightly recessed deck (can be considered a flat deck as opposed to a dug out) has been tuned to have great stability while easy-to-use when beach starting and getting back on the board. Lower rail height and reduced nose thickness is a much-requested features (especially from our lighter riders) for technical races, buoy turning, and easy handling in choppy conditions. The Gen-R is a great fit between the flat water Sprint model and open ocean/all round All Star model. Additionally, youth riders will love this board for its speed and ease of use.

14’0′′ x 29′′

The surf race and flat-water race crossover model for heavier riders up to 120 kg and lighter intermediate riders who want to get into the world of racing and take their performance to the next level. The 29” model is our highest volume and most stable Gen-R model, featuring an easy-to-use design, with a flat standing area for beach starts and easy recovery when falling in. Gen-R is also Starboard's best race range for tackling surf and technical races and is a fantastic crossover for flat water and semi-choppy conditions.

14’0” x 27”

Designed as the “go-to board” for riders up to 110 kg, the Gen-R is designed for technical and surf racing and small chop. The flat standing area lets you tackle surf and small bumps with ease, and the 27” Gen-R is a fantastic model for intermediate racers and larger riders who want to up their speed around the course.

14’0” x 25”

The 25” will be one of our most popular Gen-R models because of its suitability for a range of riders in a variety of conditions. Riders up to 100 kg will love the Gen-R for surf and technical racing, small chop, and semi-flatwater races.

Fine-tune your Gen-R model for your racing preferences with multiple handle positions for beach racing and the new 10” fin box allows you to choose your preferred racing fin position. The thin profile, the lightweight build is an exciting addition to the Starboard race range and is a much-anticipated model for ocean and flat-water events, with faster acceleration, excellent surf performance, and easy-to-use design for beach starts and buoy turns.

14’0” x 23”

Suiting intermediate and elite riders, the 23” Gen-R is the much anticipated model for technical racing and small chop. The thin profile, flat deck design is a much loved concept for its ease of use in beach starts, easy turning around buoys – with the wide tail design – and its versatility from light bumps, surf racing and sprints. The 23” model is the flat deck racing board of choice for riders up to 90 kg.

14’0” x 21.5”

Starboard's fastest Gen-R model, built in collaboration with numerous Dream Team athletes, the 21.5” is the board of choice for our world championships in small chop, technical racing, and surf race events. After 7 prototypes of the 21.5” model, we have finally developed the best flat deck concept, with testing and rider feedback from numerous Dream Team riders. The much anticipated Gen-R features a thin profile and lightweight build for easy beach starting and great performance in the surf and around buoy turns. The thinner profile also helps keep control inside wind and side chop.




• Super light-weight biaxial carbon is laminated over the standing area and full bottom.

• While the stronger 150g Biaxial carbon wraps the nose and rail and the best strength ratio and efficient flex.

• High-density PVC is used in the standing area and full bottom maximizing strength and long-term durability.



• Offers a full carbon construction that combines strength and weight at a truly competitive value.

• Biaxial Carbon wraps the full deck and rail giving you excellent competitive weight and strength properties.

• Carbon stringer on the deck provides additional impact and stiffness.

• Extra glass reinforcements wrap the sharp edges and inside rails of the cockpit for extra rigidity and strength.



• Extra rigidity with the introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail/ nose reinforcements.
• Australian pine on the standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity in the most critical area.
• Comes with shoulder carry strap inserts. Starboard shoulder carry strap can be purchased aftermarket.
• All inserts have added high-density foam reinforcements.