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Two Bare Feet Adults Towelling Changing Robe

Two Bare Feet Adults Towelling Changing Robe

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The Two Bare Feet Towelling Changing Robe is designed to make life more comfortable and dignified before and after getting in the water. Wetsuits can be a tricky to gracefully change in and out of when using just a towel, but pull on a changing robe and it's a whole lot simpler.

Also, the long and loose design of these means maximum space inside for changing with coverage down to your knees. The large hood will keep your head warm and there's also a pouch pocket on the front to warm your hands incase your struggling to peel neoprene off your ankles on a particularly frosty day.

The microfibre towelling material provides comfort and warmth whilst wicking away water, drying you off as you change. These really are a new "must-have" for regular watersports enthusiasts.

Size Chart

Size Robe Length (neck to hem)
Small 92cm
Medium 100cm
Large 112cm

Two Bare Feet Towel Changing Robes are designed to provide a loose fit to ensure plenty of room for changing inside. Please refer to the size chart to determine how long you would like your robe to be, measuring from the base of your neck between your collar bones.