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Waterhaul Recycled Ocean Plastic Folding Litter Picker

Waterhaul Recycled Ocean Plastic Folding Litter Picker

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The tools we use for tackling plastic pollution shouldn’t be adding to the problem we’re fighting. Waterhaul has created a folding litter picker with the handle, trigger and jaw components made from 100% recycled polypropylene fishing gear.

Inspiration: To create the tools for tackling the plastic problem, out of the problem itself

Waterhaul’s recycled ocean plastic litter pickers are designed as a concept to demonstrate circular economy solutions and to inspire and enable people to take positive action against plastic pollution.


The jaw, trigger and handle of these litter pickers are made from 100% recycled polypropylene from trawl nets and lines, which is the most common form of ghost gear found on our coastline. Now, with your help, the problem will become part of the solution.

Waterhaul have designed the parts with sufficient thickness to be rugged and strong, enabling them to utilise the degraded and less pristine fishing nets that we find on mass. Unlike for Waterhaul’s sunglasses, we don’t have to be fussy with which nets we recycle in order to deliver a great product.

Litter picker being used on beach clean collecting ghost gear


– Alongside the recycled ocean plastic components, these litter pickers are made with recycled aluminium extruded shafts, stainless steel rivets and 100% recycled PET string.

– Folding hinge design, that allows easy storage of your picker in your backpack, car boot or beach bag, enabling positive action wherever your adventures take you.

– Horned magnetic end, for easily hooking plastic bags, buried fishing line or facemasks and easily picking up small metal items such as bottle tops.

– Simple ergonomic, lightweight and solidly constructed design, made in the UK.

Folding litter picker made from recycled plastic on beach

Litter picker, folded, in sustainable packaging


Not only are you enabling your own beach cleaning capabilities, but you are also directly enabling the expansion of our ghost gear recovery, recycling efforts and creating a demand for plastic to be removed from the ocean.

You’ll also be supporting the delivery of PlaNET Action, Waterhaul’s education program. They deliver workshops across the UK, with their portable ocean plastic recycling machines and marine biologist educators deployed to engage and inspire the next-generation in the marine environment and the plastic pollution issue.