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Starboard Enduro Carbon 29mm S35 3 Piece Medium Blade Paddle - 2024

Starboard Enduro Carbon 29mm S35 3 Piece Medium Blade Paddle - 2024

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Starboard Enduro paddle - a versatile blade designed to cater to a wide range of paddlers, from world wave rider champion Zane Schweitzer to those just starting with flat water paddling. This exceptional paddle is engineered with a direct, powerful, and extra precise shape, featuring deep side concaves that deliver remarkable performance, propelling you from novice to pro in no time.

The Enduro paddle's wide lower part is a game-changer, creating a maximum efficiency area even if your stroke hasn't fully mastered the depth into the water. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for those learning stability in the waves, and it has even contributed to securing three world titles in the last two years.


As soon as you place the Starboard Enduro paddle in the water, you'll notice its direct and precise feel, resulting in an incredibly powerful catch during the first stroke. The smooth waterflow achieved through the deep side concaves contributes to an increased cadence, allowing you to maintain a rapid rhythm while paddling. This exceptional quality also makes it an ideal paddle to lean on while wave riding, providing added control and confidence during thrilling surf sessions.

The Enduro paddle's low aspect design is another remarkable feature, making it effortless to lift out of the water with each stroke. This ease of manoeuvrability is invaluable, especially during intense paddling sessions or when navigating through challenging conditions. Furthermore, the low aspect design enhances its wave riding capabilities, enabling you to rely on the paddle for stability and control while riding waves.


No matter your skill level or paddling aspirations, the Starboard Enduro paddle is a reliable companion that will take your paddling experience to new heights. From conquering waves like a pro to mastering flat water paddling with ease, this paddle's performance and precision will help you achieve your goals and unleash your true potential on the water.

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