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Two Bare Feet Classic Print Weatherproof Changing Robe 2021

Two Bare Feet Classic Print Weatherproof Changing Robe 2021

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The Two Bare Feet Weatherproof changing robe will keep you warm no matter what kind of weather you find yourself in after getting out of the water. It’s the ideal companion for stand-up paddlers, surfers, open-water swimmers, kayakers and more. The nylon outershell is waterproof and windproof, and the incredibly fluffy Sherpa lining will keep you super warm and comfortable. We’ve also added a hood which is again, Sherpa lined for maximum warmth, so if you’re taking a break standing on the waterside, or spectating before getting back in the water, zip up, pull up the hood and get toasty. The fit of this robe is designed to be baggy and long: below knee length depending on your height and chosen size. The arms are wide so you can easily pull them inside the robe when getting in and out of your wetsuit. The fit in general ensures easy entry and easy changing. Also, for storage of your belongings you’ll find two zipped outer pockets, although you’ll probably use these more for warming your hands thanks to the soft touch fleece lining. And, on the inside, there’s a fleece chest pocket, as well as a zipped waterproof pocket for your valuables!

Size Chart

Junior S M L
 Height 4'6" - 5'4" 4'5" - 5'4" 5'2 - 6'0" 5'10" plus
Waist 24" - 28" Up to 30" 28" - 34" 32" - 44"
Zip Length 90cm 92cm 108cm 114cm
Robe Width 68cm 75cm 80cm 85cm

Two Bare Feet Weatherproof changing robes have been designed to offer a loose, baggy fit ensuring there’s plenty of room to pull your arms inside and change out of your wetsuit, whilst providing enough length to keep you covered and warm. The recommended size ranges would provide a robe that is around knee length and offers ample room around the torso for changing. Height is the most important measurement, however, should you find yourself in between sizes, please refer to the waist measurement and consider how you will be using your robe ie. do you require ample changing space? Or will it be used primarily for keeping warm? Just for keeping warm, you can downsize, but if you are using it as a changing robe, we recommend the larger size.