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Waterhaul Zennor Recycled, Sustainable Sunglasses

Waterhaul Zennor Recycled, Sustainable Sunglasses

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Waterhaul's Zennor sunglasses model is made from recycled trawl nets and lines and is paired with polarised impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, offering complete sustainability and ultimate UVA/UVB 400 protection. The wrapped frame is perfect for sports and outdoors adventure, and suits a broad range of face shapes.


- Italian engineered and hand-finished.

- Wrap-around design with heat-adjustable arms.

- 0% virgin plastics, 100% recycled polypropylene nets and lines, which are the most abundant form of ghost gear we find on our shores.

- Matte slate finish, and being 100% recycled, each pair has unique, subtle flecked patterns which allude to it's oceanic origin.

- These frames are covered by our ‘Recycle and Replace’ lifetime guarantee – damaged frames can go back into the plastic recycling loop to create new pairs.


Designed for high-intensity activity, Waterhaul selected highly impact-resistant PC polarised lenses to offer a performance balance option with reduced lens weight and a water-repellent exterior coating.

The lenses are fully polarised, eliminating glare from water surfaces, reflective surfaces and wet roads. Both our Grey and Ice Blue mirror lenses provide full UV400 protection.

The highly wrapping frame eliminates any unfiltered light entering from the sides. Designed with biking, sailing, climbing and outdoor adventures in mind.


You are directly enabling the expansion of Waterhaul's ghost gear recovery and recycling efforts and creating a demand for plastic to be removed from the ocean.

You'll also be supporting the delivery of PlaNET Action; their unique education program. They deliver workshops across the UK, with their portable ocean plastic recycling machines and marine biologist educators deployed to engage and inspire the next-generation to understand the marine environment, why we should protect it, and to encourage innovative thinking.


We're passionate about combining adventure with purpose - action on the ocean, for the oceans. Our eyewear is designed to meet the demands of this environment and enhance your experience whilst symbolising and inspiring marine conservation.