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Yak Kallista Buoyancy Aid 50N

Yak Kallista Buoyancy Aid 50N

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Yak has completely redesigned the classic Kallista PFD. They have called upon their dedicated in-house design team and tasked them to use their huge expertise in the PFD market to improve on an already excellent product.

Each element was reviewed in turn, improved where possible, and then the parts combined, and reviewed and improved again! The result of this process is the most comfortable and secure PFD Yak has ever made at this level.


    • Robust outer cover material to improve wear characteristics and product longevity
    • Redesigned thinner, more flexible foam panels to offer greater wearer comfort
    • Optimised foam construction to give best balance of comfort and light weight
    • Fuss free front zip donning makes life simple and eliminates user confusion
    • Buckle free front panel which removes the most common potential snag point
    • Dual side adjustment to give the best possible fit and security in the water
    • Padded shoulder adjustment to allow a wide size range adjustment
    • Versatile front pocket, which is big enough to take the essentials (it’s all about the gram!!)
    • Secure in-seam key pocket, cunningly sitting between the foam to improve comfort
    • Reflective highlights to improve low light visibility